Relocating HF aerial outdoors

For HF work, since the original setup post Foundation license, I have been using home-made fan dipoles in my loft.  These have allowed me to work contacts all over Eastern and Southern Europe with as low as 10W and up to 35W (for safety reasons).  Due to the North-South orientation of my loft, and also my dipoles, I have been limited to a beam pattern predominantly East-West which meant most of my QSOs have been Eastern European.  Also my signal reports have been typically low, due to (I think) large roof mounted solar heating panels situated right next to the dipoles.

Thankfully and due to a very generous G6ODA, I am now the proud owner of a Hustler 5-BTV vertical with a Hustler 17BTVS add-on for 17m.  This aerial is omni-directional and can take the full 100W from my FT-991 radio.  Excited is the wrong word.

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