Just added a CT-22 Iambic paddle

I have been keen to continue my journey with CW, the only problem was that I didn’t have a keyer or paddle on the FT-991.  After much deliberation and numerous missed opportunities I found a used CT-22 Iambic Paddle on eBay.  It was offered at a great price and I won the auction.

Image from eBay advert

The details provided on eHam.net:

CT-22 dual lever paddle has matte-black base that measures 3-1/8″ square and the paddle stands 2-1/8″ tall to the tip of the fingerpieces, and the total weight of the paddle is 1 Lb 6-1/4 Oz. The paddle combines a double-polished natural brass, clear plexiglass fingerpieces, matte-black steel base, SILVER CONTACTS. Spring and bearing tension are easily adjusted on each side, and the contacts can be set for very narrow spacing. Each paddle has a brass plaque stamped with the serial number and year of manufacture. Each paddle is supplied with pre-connected shielded cable and both a gold 1/8″ plug and a 1/8 to 1/4″ adapter.

The paddle arrived yesterday afternoon well packaged and looking great.  I plugged it into the FT-991 and there were no problems.

I decided it needed a clean up before I start CW in earnest, so out came the cloths, many Q-tips, some screwdrivers and the beast was stripped down and cleaned.  I am totally amazed at the improvement….

Cleaned up, front view.
Cleaned up, front view.
Cleaned up, from above
Cleaned up, from above

The next step is to lightly oil the moving parts and then follow the book “Zen and the Art of Radio Telegraphy” (which I can highly recommend).  All being well, I will have enough time in the coming weeks to break through my mental barrier and embrace CW.

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