17m with Hustler 17-BTVS add-on

I am experiencing some trouble adjusting the 17-BTVS add-on for the Hustler 5-BTV to make it resonant between 18.068MHz and 18.168MHz.


The 17-BTVS is mounted just lower than the 10m trap as shown in the image on RadioWorld’s website (to the left).



img_0359 img_0360

I have tried all different lengths of the telescopic section but cannot get anywhere near the band.  The following captures from the antenna analyser show that it (when the top section is at it’s lowest) is resonant around 16.7MHz.

I will keep tinkering but I am a little lost for ideas right now.

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  1. Well, now the Winter seems to be behind us, I have been out and retuned the Hustler across all bands. I’m now resonant on all frequencies with >2:1 SWR across all except 80m. I had the help of my youngest son, 2E0MXA, who carried out all the analyser readings whilst I adjusted the aerial outdoors.

    Current results are:
    80m 3.696MHz 2.05:1 (only 3.634MHz-3.758MHz below 3.0:1)
    40m 7.020MHz 1.32:1 (whole band below 1.57:1)
    20m 14.083MHz 1.24:1 (whole band below 1.5:1)
    17m 18.131MHz 1.32:1 (whole band below 1.39:1)
    15m 21.205MHz 1.17:1 (whole band below 1.32:1)
    10m 28.746MHz 1.14:1 (whole band below 1.35:1)
    Added Bonus:
    6m 50.380MHz 1.89:1 (whole band below 1.84:1)

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