Workshop Equipment

Here’s a list of the test equipment I have acquired from either friends, radio fairs, flea markets or the usual online auction sites:

Schlumberger Stabilock 4031:  Radio Test Set with a large number of measurement capabilities: Frequency range: 400 kHz to 1000 MHz Display by graphic CRT RF output: -147 dBm to +3 dBm Power measuring range: 0.1 mW to 125 W AM, FM and ΦM modulation and demodulation.  Built in spectrum analyser, digital storage oscilloscope and memory to store presets and screen captures.

Tektronix 2445B:  150 MHz, four channel oscilloscope with alphanumeric CRT readouts of the vertical and horizontal scale factors, the trigger levels, time-difference measurement values, voltage difference measurement values and other auxiliary information.  It has auto setup and automatic measurements.

Philips PM 3217:  50 MHz dual channel oscilloscope.

HP 5316A:  100 MHz universal counter measuring signals over a range of DC 0 to 100 MHz and AC 30 Hz to 100 MHz.  With two independent input channels for time interval measurements.

Keithley 197:  A six function, 5.5 digit resolution auto ranging digital multimeter.

GW Instek SFG2110:  10 MHz bandwidth DDS function generator with sweep, AM/FM modulation and external frequency counter.